About Us

How We Started…

DeedPro was founded in 1997 by Aaron Romano to serve the settlement services industry which includes title companies, lender service providers, vendor management companies and more. More than 20 years later, DeedPro continues to be the largest deed preparation company in America.

The single largest issue facing all deed preparers is the Unauthorized Practice of Law (“UPL”) which each state has its own iteration of the rule. DeedPro follows the guidelines imposed by state laws to ensure each deed transfer will not create a cloud on the title down the road and that the property owner has the legal right to discuss their transfer with a licensed attorney regarding any aspect of the transaction they are having DeedPro prepare. In addition to making sure all deeds meet UPL guidelines, the next important factors to the DeedPro client is price per deed and turn-around-time of each transaction. DeedPro continues to be the least expensive option coupled with the fastest production times.

Towards the latter part of 1999, Legalzoom® co- founders Brian Lee and Brian Liu met with Aaron to discuss  creating a private label for their newly found company. Aaron developed proprietary software to integrate ordering methods and streamline deed processing to sync with the Legalzoom® model.

DeedPro originally prepared deeds directly for attorneys, property owners and settlement service providers all in one entity. While it may appear that preparing deeds is relatively simple, the amount of work and time it takes to prepare deeds for a settlement service provider is less than the time it takes to prepare a deed for an individual property owner directly or through their attorney thus requiring Aaron to create two separate brands to market. DeedPro prepares deeds for title companies, mortgage lenders, lender service providers, settlement service providers and other entities that require deed preparation

UDEED prepares deeds for attorneys and individual property owners directly.

Both companies operate under the same roof and continue to be the largest and best deed preparation companies in America. There are competitors to both companies that actually are clients as well.

Aaron is working on the launch of a new type of deed preparation software that will be available to anyone called TitleRight. The launch of TitleRight is expected in early 2018. TitleRight will be the industry’s first online deed preparation software/API to enable anyone that wants to prepare a deed the ability to prepare any deed, all state/county forms for the deed and calculate any and all fees required to record. This can be done all through TitleRight for under $20 per deed. Far less money than going to a website to download a blank deed form that does not have the forms and fee metrics needed to record a deed.

How It Works 3 easy steps

  • Order a deed.
  • We prepare the deed, supply or prepare state & county forms and calculate fees.
  • Completed deed with forms and fees are emailed or uploaded to your company.
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