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What We Do

Simply put, we process deeds for settlement service providers that fall outside of the scope of a typical escrow. For instance when a borrower has to change their title from their living trust to themselves individually in order to comply with a refinance, DeedPro is hired to prepare both deeds. The first one to remove the trust from title and place the property owner as the actual owner with proper vesting. Once the closing has occurred, usually the property owner wants their deed titled back to their trust and we prepare the second deed to make this happen. At the end of the day DeedPro is here to help settlement service providers make lenders and borrowers happy. We understand the difficulty of being in the middle to do this and do it legally not to mention quickly as in a few hours or less.

How It Works 3 easy steps

  • Order a deed.
  • We prepare the deed, supply or prepare state & county forms and calculate fees.
  • Completed deed with forms and fees are emailed or uploaded to your company.
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