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Email Orders

This method is preferred by most our clients. Please include the following information when ordering via email:

  • Grantor information
  • Vesting information for Grantor
  • Grantee information
  • Vesting information for Grantee
  • Consideration if applicable
  • Title Report or Prelim that details prior deed informaton
  • Turn time you need deed prepared by
  • Inform us if you need state and county forms sent with order blank or if you want us to complete them
  • Inform us if you need to have all recording fees and transfer taxes calculated
  • Any special instructions we should be aware of

Within a few minutes of receiving your deed request, our document verification team reviews your order for any missing information. If anything is missing we will notify you immediately and will not process a deed until we have all of the information to begin.

If you are ready to place an order, please email our document team at documents@deedpro.com . If this is your first time ordering, upon receiving your order one of our production team will contact you.

Sample Document Package

How It Works 3 easy steps

  • Order a deed.
  • We prepare the deed, supply or prepare state & county forms and calculate fees.
  • Completed deed with forms and fees are emailed or uploaded to your company.
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